• Jennifer O'Gavaghan

      I read Patrick Stefan’s passionate integrating of his trauma with that of our suffering Christ on His cross, and have a new and better way to ‘fix’ my own life traumas, I pray. I never thought to relate mine with that of our Savior . . . I would just repress the trauma because life has to be lived. After all I have responsibilities: husband, children, extended family, home, career, social obligations, and oh yes . . . there’s church . . . It should have been first on my list. But by the time all of the others were ‘buttoned down,’ I had no energy left in mind, body, or spirit. I kept saying to myself, in retirement, I’ll be a better wife ~ in retirement I’ll push myself to know God, in retirement, in retirement . . . and then he was gone. That’s my trauma ~ what might have been, but I was too busy . . . for him. Thank you for referring me to Patrick’s experience with the ‘happy ending.’ Perhaps I’ll find mine. Thank you for delivering the trauma of my life to the table so the tears can now come . . .

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