November 30, 2020 – Intimate Moments With God

What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.

Mark 10:9

The Lord Jesus makes this statement as an answer to some Pharisees who had tested him with a sensitive and volatile question. They asked whether it was lawful for a man to divorce his wife. Jesus takes his hearers to the intention and purpose of Almighty God. Christ’s answer is, at the end of the discussion, “What God has joined together, let no man separate.”

I am convinced that Christ is speaking about much more than an academic question concerning divorce. I am convinced he is telling us about the relationship that God himself established between Christ and the church. In this relationship, God has reconciled us to himself. In Christ Jesus, we are brought near to God who, in love and grace, drew near to us. God has created a glorious and beautiful intimacy between himself and his church.

There are two things I want to offer you from this. First, I want to point out that God has given us his inspired and inerrant word. Scripture is the very word of our Bridegroom! He has provided it so that we might come to know him more. He is the perfect covenant Head and provides everything necessary for his bride. 

Second, I want to encourage you in the importance, even the necessity of spending time in that intimate word. We’re all guilty of it, right? The too-often-repeated refrain of “I know I should spend more time in the word but…” bears witness. But when we fail to spend time in the word because of all the things that grab our attention, we are, in effect, separating what God has joined together. 

Yes, I know. Our relationship to God is not built upon how well we do, but upon God’s perfect grace. Amen and praise God! Since we have been given so great a gift, it makes sense that we should walk steadfastly in it. When our delight is in the law of the Lord, when we walk therein, when we stand steadfastly in his grace, and when we sit at his feet (see Psalm 1 and read that last sentence again), we draw near to the One who moved heaven and earth to bring us to himself. When we spend time in his word, not only are we NOT dividing what God has joined together, we are moving closer to him. So, in all your doing, in all your struggles, in all your joys, my dear brothers and sisters, be diligent not to forsake the intimate moments with your Savior. Don’t let the cares of this world separate you from the Bridegroom. Rather, remember that he left his Father to cling to his bride.

Christian, open your Bible and hear the loving whisper of the God of the universe tell you how very much he loves you.