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  1. Jennifer O'Gavaghan

    I attended Services at Syracuse RP Church yesterday, August 31, 2014, for the first time through an invitation by a relatively new member of one year, Kristi Johnson and her family.

    Here are my thoughts:

    The very moment I stepped into the Church, I felt the presence of The Holy Spirit permeating through the friendly smiles and greetings and energy of anticipation of what would come over the course of the next hour in this pristine and warm environment.

    To a Sanctuary filled very comfortably to capacity, Pastor Shep’s magnificent, engaging sermon on Psalm 116 brought God’s Word to life. He seemingly effortlessly and masterfully unfolded God’s theme for our learning, to own and to put into practice. I wrote many notes in my Bible.

    Having a great love for music, I was stirred even more, as if it were possible, by The Spirit within those acoustically perfect walls as the harmonious accapella singing of Psalms swelled to the Heavens ~ an unaided human expression of glorious praise to Almighty God ~ no other way more worshipful than to sing His praises in this way.

    Finally, the recitation of Our Lord’s Prayer sealing one to another, clasping hands throughout the entire assembly in palpable unity ~
    His Church.

    I have never felt more fundamentally inspired by a single Worship Service. May God continue to bless this heartfelt, God-given ministry.

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