Tithe.ly is a reliable and reputable giving platform for churches. We are using Tithe.ly as an alternate method to traditional giving by cash or by check. Our goal is to provide a method for giving for those who are unable to attend worship services in person or do not write checks.


Q: How do I give using Tithe.ly?

A: Simple! You can enter a donation in the same way you might pay for items in an online store. Have your credit card or checking account info ready.

If you’re on our website, simply click the big green ‘Give’ button, complete the form, and your receipt will arrive via email. The app is similar – just make sure you’ve selected Syracuse Reformed Presbyterian Church as the giving recipient.

Q: Will I still get an end-of-year report of my giving from the church for tax purposes?

A: Yes.

Q: Should I choose Recurring Giving?

A: Sure! If you are prepared to give regularly, this is a great option.

Q. Is there a fee? 

A: Yes. Tithe.ly incurs a fee at the point of transaction, taken directly from your donation.

The fees are different based on payment type.
For credit card donations: $0.30 + 2.9%
For bank account donations: $0.30 + 1.0%

We recommend using your bank account, if possible!

Q: What does ‘Cover Fees’ mean? 

A: By leaving the Cover Fees option checked, your donation will be increased to match the fee normally taken by Tithe.ly. In this way, the giver covers the transaction cost, insuring that your entire, intended gift amount goes to the church.

E.g., if I donate $100 from my bank account and ‘Cover Fees’, my total payment will be $101.30, and the church receives $100. However, if I do not ‘Cover Fees’, my total payment will be $100, and the church would get $98.70.

Q: Do I need to set up an account?

A: It’s optional. An account makes future Tithe.ly giving a little easier, and allows you to access your giving history on their website.

Q: I have a different question about giving.

A: We encourage you to please ask our church leaders for further help. If your request pertains to budgeting and stewardship, our deacons are glad to help guide you. If you have more spiritual questions concerning giving and tithing in Christian life, please ask the elders for assistance.

If you have a specific question related to Tithe.ly, please get in touch with Phil Gross or Steve Waldron.

As always, feel free to Contact Us.