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Welcome To Syracuse Reformed Presbyterian Church

Our Church welcomes you in Jesus' name. We are a caring community of ordinary people. We don't pretend to know all there is about God, but through Jesus Christ we've tasted God's love and seen His power change lives. In an atmosphere of love and acceptance, we seek to learn from God's Word how to follow Jesus in our day.

Latest Sermons & Blog Posts

Kingdoms and houses

Mark 3:22-35 Pastor Jason Housewright

14 Jul 2019 Uncategorized

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The King's Advance

Mark 3:7-21  Pastor Housewright

07 Jul 2019 Sermons

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A Blemish on the Sabbath

Mark 3:1-6 Pastor Jason Housewright

30 Jun 2019 Sermons

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Lord of The Sabbath

Mark 2:23-28

23 Jun 2019 Sermons

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Everything in Its Time

Mark 2:18-23

16 Jun 2019 Sermons

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That You May Know

Mark 2:1-12 Pastor Jason Housewright

02 Jun 2019 Sermons

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Praying and Preaching

Mark 1:35-39 Pastor Jason Housewright

26 May 2019 Sermons

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One and Many

Mark 1:29-39 Pastor Jason Housewright

19 May 2019 Sermons

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